Becky has a textile design background so soft furnishings are her thing! She loves to experiment with different textures and will happily throw a geometric pattern in the mix.

Her colour palette is mainly full of neutrals (Grey, White, Black, Silver, Minks etc.) but she’s not afraid to add a vibrant accent colour to add warmth to the room.

At the moment her inspiration comes from Transitional Style Interior Design.

Also known as "updated classic" or "classic with a contemporary twist" in interior design refers to a contemporary blend of traditional and modern styles. This sits midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary; incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as contemporary lines.


A transitional design may incorporate modern materials, such as steel and glass, and then unite them with plush furnishings.As a result, transitional furniture designs are classic, timeless, and clean. Transitional design also includes relatively neutral colour palettes, creating a calming and relaxed space that feels stylish and sleek, as well as -warm and inviting.